Small Community Wastewater Treatment Plants

Replace Your City’s Failing Wastewater Treatment Plant

We built a system for Cave Springs, AR, that can handle up to 1400 homes as well as their downtown retail district.

men bringing landscape up to grade around two package wastewater treatment plants

Are you looking for a bid?

We can retrofit our wastewater treatment plant into your current sanitary sewer.

If your town doesn’t already have sanitary sewer we can provide cost-saving collection alternatives.

The video below highlights some of the benefits of our STEP Collection Systems:

Motivate Property Developers to Invest in Your Town

With our systems in place, your town can offer developers a ready-made sewage solution.

Because our systems cost much less than traditional municipal systems, you can offer lower tap fees while still recouping your investment or even building revenue.

Take a short tour of a working municipal system


A tour of a municipal wastewater system take 2

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The developers of Waterford Estates built an upscale neighborhood right on a protected river with one of our systems.

satellite image of a subdivision highlighting the wastewater treatment system size

Prepare for New Residents Without Burdening Your Current Ones

Conventional municipal wastewater treatment plants can cost tens of millions of dollars. Your town probably doesn’t have that kind of money lying around. No worries!

Aqua Tech’s small community wastewater treatment systems cost a fraction of what conventional municipal systems do. And they can be purchased and installed where and when you need them. You can put in a system on the growing edge of your community. Once that one is running, your city can use its tap fees and utility payments to purchase another system to install nearer to the city center.

This photo displays a “what if” scenario for a town of 8,000 people.

a what if scenario of a town using advanced wastewater treatment

Our treatment plants produce almost no odor. Additionally, they have a tiny footprint. Taken together, these two factors allow you to put them closer to the source. So, there’s no need for miles of collection pipe or lift stations.

Your town will also save on payroll with our systems. Since they can be maintained in just a few hours per week you won’t need a wastewater department. Just train your current public works team.

Maximize Your Town’s Livability!

Our advanced treatment wastewater systems don’t just protect the environment; they enhance it. The treated discharge is clean enough to irrigate public greenspaces. Unlike septic leach fields, they pose no threat at the surface or to aquifers.

Our systems use advanced technology to exceed regulatory requirements.

Overhead diagram of a wastewater treatment system with methanol doser

Because they treat residential and commercial sewage, our small community wastewater treatment systems are perfect for mixed-use development. A town could plan a separate sewage system for each Blue Zone, reducing infrastructure cost and utilizing a pay-as-you-go approach to new development.

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