Commercial Wastewater

We sell Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Put your school, hotel, retail outlet, etc. wherever you want with your own self-contained wastewater plant. Here’s what you’ll need:

biological reactors for wastewater treatment
  1. A BioTank biological reactor custom designed to meet your daily volume and treatment standards.

Our wastewater plants use state of the art treatment technology and are constructed of top quality materials. They treat so efficiently that they produce virtually no odor.

A wastewater collection tank

2. A collection system to convey sewage to the treatment plant, settle solids, and equalize the flow.

Collection systems come in all shapes and sizes – from conventional gravity flow to a settling tank to our pressurized STEP system. We can offer the best fit for your project.

a wastewater effluent drip irrigation system

3. An effluent disposal system to return the treated wastewater responsibly to the environment.

Treated wastewater can actually enhance the environment as well as the aesthetics of your development. Let us show you how!

We’re experts in commercial wastewater treatment systems. From collection through treatment to effluent disposal, we can put together the whole thing.

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