RV & Cabin Resort

A Gorgeous Getaway with a Messy Problem

The owners of this RV and cabin resort in the southeast were looking to expand, but their wastewater treatment plant could only accommodate 25 RV sites. Their proximity to the lake meant that traditional septic systems weren’t an option.

Waterfall over rocks
The resort features this natural waterfall which empties into one of the cleanest man-made lakes in the US.

Aqua Tech Designed Around Their Needs

We spent weeks working with the owners, contractors and engineers to design a system which would replace their broken system and accommodate for future growth. Here’s one of the design schematics:

The actual design from Aqua Tech’s engineers!

Every part of this system has a role to play, but the real magic happens in that squarish tank, second from the right. That’s the BioTank. Here’s how it looked coming from the manufacturer:

Man in front of a wastewater treatment plant in a warehouse
That’s James in the front. Hey, James.

That 12′ x 7 1/2′ x 7 1/2′ tank can treat 25,000 gallons of wastewater per day!

After the design and manufacture came the install.

We were there for that too.

  • wastewater treatment tank small in ground

Now, this Lakeside RV & Cabin Resort has a capacity for 230 lots.

Drone photo of a lakeside resort

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