Cave Springs

We’re on our 100th rodeo when it comes to addressing the wastewater treatment challenges rapid growth brings to small and medium-sized towns. Here’s a case in point:

Situated in the shadow of Walmart corporate offices, Cave Springs, Arkansas, needed to prepare for growth. A master plan including nearly 1500 homes was adopted by the city council.

Cave Springsofficials needed to ensure that this expansion wouldn’t negatively impact the environment especially since the watershed hosts a species of endangered blind cave fish.

tandem wastewater treatment tanks being installed

Aqua Tech installed these two wastewater treatment reactors with a 412,000 gallon/day capacity!

Take the video tour!


A tour of a municipal wastewater system take 2

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The water that comes out of this system is well below regulatory limits on biologicals and suspended solids, but we added one more level of treatment…

A golf course!

The fairways of The Creeks golf course, keep residual nitrogen and phosphorus from reaching Cave Springs’ sensitive watershed. And they get irrigated in the process!

the site of land disposal of wastewater effluent through drip irrigation

Cave Springs is just one of many small towns we’ve worked with over the 20+ years Aqua Tech has been designing and installing wastewater systems. Sadly, we’ve also encountered situations in which city governments have waited too long to expand or remediate their failing wastewater systems. If your town’s wastewater has become an area of concern, let’s talk about your options.

  • tandem wastewater treatment tanks being installed
  • stainless wastewater treatment tank from on top
  • large, polyethylene wastewater tanks
  • closeup of large polyethylene wastewater tanks
  • workers grading dirt around two buried wastewater treatment plants
  • workers buying a wastewater treatment system
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment system installed
  • wastewater tanks with golf course sign in foreground

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