Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems for Real Estate Developers and Rural Communities.

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Residential Development

Develop low-cost land with high building density.

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Commercial Development

Put a hotel next to the view or an RV park by the interstate. If you can dream it, we can help you do it.

Our wastewater specialists are ready to put together a preliminary estimate for your commercial development.

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Is your small to midsized town looking for wastewater solutions?

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Municipal Sewer

Small Communities prepare for expansion with our small-scale wastewater treatment plants.

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Our Systems Are Just Better

Our systems are more durable, compact, and efficient than any others on the market.

We don’t sell septic systems or conventional municipal treatment plants, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take on small jobs or that we can’t tackle very large ones.

We Can Handle Any Project

We’ve been installing, remediating, and operating community sewer systems around the country for over twenty years.

We do more than sell advanced wastewater treatment systems.

We partner with our clients to ensure they get exactly the right system and that it will operate as designed for decades to come.

We Offer a Range of Services

Such as…

Environmental Compliance (click for more)

Evolving and continually changing wastewater treatment regulations require the ability to meet a variety of effluent standards, such as nitrogen and phosphorous reduction. We offer the design and regulatory support to complete state and local application requirements in meeting water quality standards.

Installation Support

Our project management and sales divisions provide the support necessary to ensure the engineer designs and completes your plans in accordance with permit requirements. Our required certification program assists in reducing costly installation errors.

Engineering and Design

Our Project Management and Sales Department Teams have extensive knowledge in all aspects of wastewater treatment systems. Understanding both upfront capital costs for equipment and installation factored with long-term life cycle costs helps both the design engineers and developers gain maximum return on investment.

Operation and Maintenance

Many times, local governments are not equipped to manage decentralized systems and look for management companies that can ensure proper ongoing operations and maintenance of advanced wastewater systems. NWA Utility Services Inc. is comprised of experienced professionals who are skilled in all aspects of facilities design, construction, and operations.