Waterford Estates

This beautiful tower welcomes Waterford residents to their eco-friendly neighborhood.

An upscale development with low environmental impact.

Wastewater treatment plant in the distance with pasture in the foreground.

Waterford Estates blends Open Space Residential Design with Low Impact Development.

Satellite photo of a subdivision

Seen here from overhead, Waterford sits adjacent to the White River in Northwest Arkansas. A development this size near a major waterway had to meet high standards to reach environmental compliance.

The system we installed is designed to handle 95,000 gallons of wastewater per day (the amount produced by 400 homes).

Wastewater treatment system with operators on top

This private wastewater treatment plant meets effluent requirements of 10 mg/L BOD, 15 mg/L TSS, and 3 mg/L of ammonia. These numbers far exceed those set forth by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for drip disposal systems.

Hay bales in the foreground with wastewater treatment plant in the background,
An environmentally friendly alternative residential wastewater system!

Just like in Waterford, our rural wastewater treatment systems preserve open space character and protect against the negative impacts associated with urban sprawl.

Let’s talk about how we can help you reach environmental compliance while cutting your subdivision development cost per lot.