Wastewater Treatment for Residential Development

Pay Less for Land and Get More Lots with our Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

We design and sell systems that handle wastewater treatment for residential development. Our end-to-end systems are designed to equip timely, responsible growth.

Our wastewater package plants treat sewage to stringent environmental standards so we can replace all those septic leach fields with a single green space.

But that’s not the only way we maximize your ROI on residential development. We sell the best sewage treatment plant in the industry, but we won’t make you pay a premium price.

We Custom Build Every Treatment System

Here’s how:

  • Information gathering: We consult with you about your needs. Then we research regulatory requirements for your area.

  • Planning: Our engineers and project managers design a residential wastewater treatment plant around your project. Once you’ve signed off, we’re ready to build.

    An overhead diagram of an advanced wastewater treatment system
  • Build and ship: A one-of-a-kind Moving Bed Biological Reactor MBBR) is built from AISI 304 stainless steel. Collection and disposal equipment are assembled. Everything gets shipped to your site.

  • Install and startup: We send our project manager to your site to oversee the assembly and startup of your residential sewage system.

  • Follow-up assessment: We come back in twelve weeks to confirm treatment levels and remediate any insufficiencies.

  • Repeat: We start working on your next project!

Our advanced wastewater treatment systems are the best value in the industry, but we go even further in cutting your upfront infrastructure cost:

Modular Build = Reduced Risk

We know that turning raw land into neighborhoods is a risky (and rewarding) business. Our subdivision sewer systems cut down risk by reducing your upfront land development cost. The modular design allows you to develop in phases rather than purchase the whole system up front. Shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

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