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Operation and Maintenance

We don’t just sell decentralized wastewater systems. We operate them too, through our state-licensed and certified management company, NWA Utility Services, LLC.

Back in 2007, several of our clients in Northwest Arkansas expressed a need for someone to operate their Aqua Tech Systems. So, we established a utility company in response to their requests and we’ve been operating and maintaining several systems here in Arkansas. Over the years, we’ve acquired the experience to help you find skilled operators in your area or even establish your own operations and maintenance company.

Here are some of the locations we operate:

Bethel Oaks

NWA Utility Services began operations of this facility in October 2016 to bring it into compliance with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) permit requirements.  Having been under the control of another operations company and consistently having permit excursions and effluent violations, the POA contracted with NWA Utilities to remedy the existing problem and keep the facility performing as required by the ADEQ.  As an exclusive certified operations company for the Bioclere treatment plant installed at the site, we analyzed and implemented a corrective action plan to quickly bring the facility back into compliance with the permit conditions of the ADEQ.

Cane Island

Cane Island Estates is a 120 acre development less than one mile from Bull Shoals Dam. This environmentally friendly development has a self-contained sewer system and boasts one of the most beautiful settings anywhere on the White River.

NWA Utility Services in partnership with the developer incorporated the EPA’s voluntary national guidelines for management of decentralized wastewater systems.  Following their recommended guidelines and management  models,  our aim is to provide  progressively increasing controls  so the community  is able to achieve  public health and water quality objectives.

cave springs city hall

Cave Springs

The complete wastewater treatment plant has the capacity to handle 412,000 gallons per day. The system utilizes a STEP collection method for delivering wastewater flow to the treatment plant which eliminated the negative environmental impact a traditional gravity collection system would have caused. A sustainable practice of beneficial wastewater reuse designed and incorporated into the system provides irrigation for the Creeks Golf Course within the community. Looking at waste water as a resource sent a message to the community that an important goal of development was to protect and eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the watershed.

Deer Haven

The developer of this rural subdivision needed to provide essential infrastructure to preserve the environment and support economic development. Located within close proximity to the development, the wastewater treatment system and reuse area is undetectable to those living in the subdivision and surrounding communities.  To the benefit of the developer and residents in Deer Haven, this system has a common collection, advanced treatment, and disposal system that will cost less per home than conventional on-lot septic systems. The team at Aqua Tech Systems took the opportunity to transform the demand for real estate into an opportunity to be good stewards for the environment in a sensitive area of the Ozarks. 

Joyce Street Cottages

Joyce Street Cottages was designed to be housing for older adults and young professionals. Due to Increased land costs associated with property inside the city limits, the developer sought property located on the fringe of Fayetteville’s growth area.  Due to a lack of city infrastructure the Aqua Tech System made perfect sense for this development.

Wastewater is collected by means of conventional gravity lines and pumped to a partially buried trickling filter treatment units. This technology was selected due to the biological nature of the treatment process, it is noted for its reliability, lack of odor and limited maintenance requirements.

Legacy Estates

At full build out the system in Legacy Estates will be capable of treating 28,600 gpd from 110 homes. Due to the nature of the technology, the Aqua Tech Systems treatment system is capable of meeting regulatory compliance from the time the first home comes online. With the sudden down turn in the economy and a stall in new housing starts this system had been installed by the original developer of the subdivision, but not commissioned into full operations. The Aqua Tech Systems installation and commissioning teams as well as permitting divisions have enabled the new developer who recently acquired the subdivision to step right into making this one of the most attractive subdivisions in the area.

Villages at Cross Creek

To meet the demand for a multi-family housing development without paying exorbitant land costs inside the city limits, the developer needed property located on the fringe of Rogers, AR. The property selected was within adjacent Little Flock’s city limits – a small town with no sewer system infrastructure.  The developer turned to Aqua Tech Systems’ team to solve their problem and work with their civil engineering firm which wasn’t experienced in sewer system design.  Aqua Tech’s team worked diligently to gain the support of the City of Little Flock and helped to engineer, permit, and construct the system for the developer.

Waterford Estates

Designed to handle 95,000 gallons per day of residential waste (enough for 400 homes) this treatment plant meets effluent requirements of: 10 mg/l BOD / 15 mg/l TSS / 3 ammonia. These numbers exceed the requirements as set forth by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for drip disposal systems. This system preserves the open space character in the scenic rural area of Eastern Fayetteville and protects against the negative impacts associated with urban sprawl. By fostering Green Growth initiatives, implementing smart growth concepts such as this will help the City of Fayetteville meet its vision of becoming a center for sustainability.

My company purchased a distressed subdivision that had a decentralized sewer system installed but was never hooked up and operational. After some research we found that the equipment had been installed by AquaTech. We proceeded to hire them to help us “resurrect” the system per state and county guidelines. Tom and Kathy and their team were an absolute pleasure to work with. There’s no way we could have done it without them. The equipment they used never failed and appeared to be of the highest quality. I highly recommend their services and plan to use them on future projects.

Ryan Russel – Real Estate Developer

Let us equip you for responsible growth.