What We’re Made Of

stainless wastewater treatment tank from on top

When we say that our systems are the best, here’s a bit of what we mean.

Major components of the BioTank system are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel, with plastic or zinc coated steel for railings and fences. The unit provides ready access to each treatment compartment facilitating operation and maintenance procedures. The media blocks are easily removed from each treatment compartment for inspection or plant maintenance.

Random packed media that is biologically inert and mechanically durable enhances oxygen transfer.

The oxygen delivery system comes self-contained within each BioTank.

An efficient oil-less compressor with few moving parts supplies dissolved oxygen to the treatment process. Low noise and vibration is a positive design characteristic associated with these

A 304 stainless steel exterior or NEMA 4X mountable control cabinet is provided with each
BioTank. Each cabinet contains the control logic to automate the function of the compressor, sludge airlift, coagulant dosing pump and cabinet heater if necessary.

The BioTank treatment plants can be supplied with separate or attached offices, laboratories and mechanical equipment rooms.

wastewater treatment system inside large building
BioTank installed in a metal building

The BioTank treatment plants may also be supplied with bar racks or screens, grit chambers, flow meters, chemical dosing equipment, UV disinfection modules and sludge dewatering systems.

All of our systems are completely customizable to perfectly fit your needs. Click the button below to speak with a member of our sales team.

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