Mixed-Use Recreational Development

Next time you’re in Utah, check out this mixed-use recreational development. It looks like a blast.

This mixed-use recreational development features an RV park, a hotel, camping, glamping, a convenience store, and more. It’s got just about everything you might need for an adventure out west. Another thing it has is challenging wastewater needs. Aqua Tech has risen to the challenge with a tandem system that can turn 55,000 gallons of concentrated wastewater into highly treated effluent.1

  • stainless steel panels in a wastewater package plant fabrication facility
  • wastewater treatment package plant base in manufacturing facility
  • Stainless steel material for a wastewater treatment system
  • bottom view of wastewater treatment package plant
  • wastewater treatment package plant sideview
  • tandem wastewater treatment tanks front view with air snorkels and influent pipe
  • wastewater treatment tanks in manufacturing facility complete with staircase

  1. 10 TSS – 10 BOD – 10 TN