A Compact Wastewater System for a Travel Oasis in Utah

A compact wastewater system you won’t believe (but we hope you’ll buy).

Steve’s developing a travel oasis in Utah. When complete it will feature a gas station, a retail store, and a restaurant to accommodate travelers staying over in one of their 24 homey cabins. In other words, he’s getting a ton of use out of a relatively small space. He needed a compact wastewater system to fit the bill. Our whole system including collection, equalization, treatment, and disposal tanks fits in the blue circle below.

RV Park development plans overlay on satellite image featuring wastewater facility

This compact wastewater system offers a high level of treatment with so little odor that it can be installed adjacent to the retail store.

How could this be, you ask? The secret is our technology. This tiny treatment tank can treat 7000 gallons per day of highly contaminated black water to far exceed regulatory standards.

Aqua Tech is helping to realize Steve’s property development dreams. We can do the same for you!

rv park plans wastewater system inset with treatment tank png transparent