What does Advanced Wastewater Treatment involve?

Short answer:

“Advanced” doesn’t necessarily imply a particular type of technology so much as it refers to a degree of treatment. If the effluent leaving a system meets stringent criteria it’s said to have undergone advanced treatment.

Longer answer – Advanced treatment systems:

  • Use new technologies to accelerate biological consumption of organic contaminants in wastewater.
  • Remove toxic ammonia through nitrification.
  • Mitigate eutrophication of waterways by reducing nitrogen and phosphorus through Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR).
  • Sometimes introduce coagulants which settle nutrients and suspended solids through flocculation.
  • Occasionally feature chlorinators or UV arrays to sanitize effluent.
  • Rarely apply carbon filters to remove residual contaminants through adsorption.

Aqua Tech can design and build an advanced treatment system for nearly any situation.