Privacy Policy

Aqua Tech Systems respects your privacy. We will never sell or share your contact information with any other individual or organization outside of our company without your explicit consent via email or text.

Your contact information will be shared within our organization solely for collaborative purposes in service of establishing a quote, designing your project, or to discuss the sale, installation and support of your Aqua Tech System.

Discussions regarding you or your project with necessary outside entities such as manufacturers, suppliers, or regulatory agencies will be anonymized to protect your identity and the exact nature of your project. Generally, we refer to clients or potential clients by their profession and to projects by city or region and size. For instance, we might say that we’re building a quote on tankange for a 100,000 gallons per day system in Sioux Falls.

Due to the nature of our business, we maintain a list of potential clients based on past interest. Our list of sales contacts is kept in a digital file which is protected by two-factor authentication. Should you wish to have your contact information removed from our list, simply email us at the address below to inform us.