Home Wastewater Treatment Systems

three quarter front view of a domestic wastewater treatment plant

We sell septic system alternatives for single-family homes.

So, you’ve finally got that little piece of heaven away from the bustle and noise of the city. Congratulations! Now that you’re ready to build your dream home, let’s talk about home wastewater treatment systems. You’ve probably heard about septic systems. Let’s look first at what those are like.

Septic systems treat wastewater…in your yard!

Look at this cutaway view of a septic tank.

Cutaway view of a septic tank.

Notice where it says, “Treated Wastewater Goes to Drainfield.” You might be wondering, how the wastewater got treated. It’s there in the tank! Septic tanks are basically separators that remove scum and sludge (poop) from the water that goes down the drain. In a septic system, the real “treatment” happens after the wastewater leaves the tank. Look at this diagram:

Complete septic system

When wastewater leaves the septic tank, it’s still loaded with bacteria, chemicals, and suspended (gag) solids, so it’s sent to permeate through your yard where your lawn catches the contaminants. These systems have been used for years but besides dumping your sewage in your own backyard, they can also threaten drinking water or the watershed. And those drain fields take up a lot of space, not to mention the part of your yard you’ll need to set aside for the next leach field after the first one backs up.

Aren’t you glad that we sell inexpensive septic system alternatives!

Presenting the self-contained sewage system for single-family homes!

At Aqua Tech, we’ve been selling and installing alternative residential wastewater systems for small towns and subdivisions for over twenty years. Now, we’re pleased to introduce BioTank SF, our first household sewer treatment system. We know looks aren’t everything, but it’s your house and they matter, so take a look at this beauty:


That’s what it looks like installed. Here’s a view of the whole thing for you curious folks:

Small but mighty!

Yeah, it’s a looker, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, right?

Important gobbledygook

Okay, so all that looks really technical. Here’s a video:

BioTank SF is available in four models made to accommodate a whole range of single-family home sizes or light commercial applications. Pricing varies based on size and installation.

Check out this BioTank SF just unboxed in Utah: