Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

This 192-Unit Apartment complex was built just outside of the sanitary sewer. It’s using one of our systems. Notice we used the drainage swale for the drip field.

Develop Anywhere with Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

With Aqua Tech’s wastewater treatment package plants, you can improve low-cost rural parcels outside of the municipal utility district.

Our systems can be installed anywhere there’s access to freshwater. Everything from collection through disposal can be done where you need it.

Our Wastewater Treatment Plants are the Total Package:

Package Plant Systems Maximize Land Use.

As the name implies, our aerobic treatment reactors come in a small package. The whole system including drip disposal requires a small percentage of any parcel.

For example, below is a satellite image of a residential development using one of our systems:

Waterford Estates, an upscale subdivision using one of our systems

Here are some shots of the install:

By the way, we also operate this system, so we can help you find or create a private utility to keep your system funding and running.

Develop However You Want with Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

Our package plant systems can handle anything a conventional municipal sewer system can.

We can handle the high demand of a neighborhood sewer. At the same time, we can provide the high treatment efficiency required by commercial wastewater.

A municipal system in Arkansas

Check out this diagram of a system we’re building for a mixed-use development in Utah:

A system for a mixed use development in Utah

Here’s what a similar system looks like IRL:

Our systems cost less so your startup capital goes farther.

A residential system designed for 100 homes costs around $250K*. That’s a fraction of most municipal tap fees. This price doesn’t include the cost of gravity collection, but with our systems, you won’t need it.

Our STEP collection systems eliminate any need for grinder pumps, grit screens, or lift stations. These low-pressure systems reduce collection pipe diameter to 2″. And that pipe never needs to be buried deeper than 3′.

Yes, you can still use gravity collection if you prefer. No, you won’t have to purchase or install the whole wastewater infrastructure upfront.

Precast tanks for our project in Fauquier County, VA

A complete commercial system will cost around $13 per GPD (gallon per day). You’ll need to contact your local department of environmental quality to calculate the required capacity for your development. A restaurant, for instance, typically must allow for 20 gallons per seat per day.

Pay as you develop with wastewater treatment package plants.

Our sewage treatment systems are completely modular, so you can build your infrastructure as you develop. Here’s a possible scenario:

Suppose a development firm has a master plan for a mixed-use project that will require a 100,000 gallon per day system just outside of the city sewer. They could purchase full-capacity settling and pump tanks, but save money by buying one 20,000 gallon per day package treatment plant at a time.

Our systems basically click together to expand your capacity with the demand.

Low odor plus small footprint means you can buy smaller systems as you need them.

Suppose our imaginary development firm wants to develop in phases over several years. They could buy a small commercial system first.

Once the property values rise, they could put in another system elsewhere on the property for phase 1 of the residential side.

Our low odor, compact wastewater treatment systems can go right next to your point source allowing you to develop in stages and save on collection pipe.

Bringing the dirt up to grade around two treatment tanks.

When you develop with our wastewater treatment package plants, you can develop wherever, however, and whenever you want!

If your “whenever” is in the near future, use the contact information or fill out the form below to schedule a consult with one of our wastewater experts.

*Priced based on average scenarios with treatment level to 20 mg/L BOD and TSS, gravity collection, and land disposal. Price per home fluctuates with development size. Numbers cited just as an example and should in no way be taken as an advertised price.