Wastewater Technology

four large biological reactors in an advanced wastewater treatment system

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Articles

BioTank Overview

In the BioTank, the organic material in the wastewater is reduced by a population of microorganisms that attach to the filter media and form a biological slime layer.

What We’re Made Of

Our systems are the best because they’re made of top quality materials and designed down to the last detail to meet your needs.

Collection Systems

Getting wastewater from the source to the treatment plant requires careful planning to minimize expense while maximizing function.

A STEP in the Right Direction

STEP stands for Septic Tank Effluent Pump. This collection and primary treatment method eliminates the need for lift stations and boosts wastewater treatment levels at the treatment plant.

Floating Biofilm Media

High tech media multiplies biological wastewater treatment efficiency.

Beneficial Reuse

Alternative wastewater treatment systems don’t just protect the environment; they can actually improve it.

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