Get a Home Wastewater Treatment System Price

The home wastewater treatment system price depends on the size of your home and the water loading rate of your soil. For a 3BDR, 2 bath home with medium to poor soil absorption, you should expect to pay around $13,000 for a complete system.

A complete system includes:

septic tank with risers
  1. A 1000-gallon collection tank with effluent pump.
single family wastewater treatment tank side view

2. The BioTankSF personal wastewater treatment plant with computer control module, integrated air compressor, and calibrated drip irrigation pump.

a wastewater effluent drip irrigation system

3. A drip irrigation system complete with tubing, connectors, nozzles, etc.

young couple watching film on netbook while resting on couch at home

4. Peace of mind!

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